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Rath Microtech - Ask the Expert

Rath Microtech is the leading manufacturer
of Elevator Phones and Phone Systems.

They are available for both commercial and residential installs in Analog, IP, Digital or Wireless solutions.
Our systems cover elevator installs that include single or multiple lobby units, machine room phones, elevator communication failure and Video Cameras. Our web site includes programming, installation, and training seminars.
Our A17 & B44 compliant phones are backed with a 3 year warranty.

  • 2100 series SmartPhones, external powered, built-in consolidator and communication failure phones
    (Analog, Digital, IP & Wireless)
  • Lobby & Machine Room Communication Systems
  • Emergency Communication Failure devices
  • 2400 series telephone line powered phones (Analog)

  • Manual Dialing phones

  • Remote IP interfaces
  • In Car IP
  • IP communication Systems

  • Cellular interface
  • Wi-Fi IP (remote IP phone line connection)
  • 900 MHz (remote phone line connections)

Emergency Pool Phones:
  • Code required emergency 911 Phones in a variety of styles and technologies

Courtesy Phones:
  • Direct Connect phones for Car Rental, Taxi, Flight-for-Life & Ambulance

Convenience Store Phones:
  • Emergency Phones Code Compliant with "24 hr Unattended Pump" US State regulations