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Rath Microtech is the #1 Emergency Phone manufacturer in North America. With over 30 years of communication expertise, you can be assured of our unsurpassed customer service and support. To keep your clients safe, you require the highest quality and technology in the market. Our Elevator, Emergency and Specialty phones are the security communities preferred choice. Our comprehensive selection of Emergency and Specialty Phones has the right solution for every location:

Commercial Elevator Phones:
Residential Elevator Phones
  • Manual Dialing (Surface, Behind-the-Panel & Flush Mount)
Area of Refuge Phones
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Emergency Blue Light Phones for:
Courtesy Phones
  • Direct Dial phones for Car Rental, Taxi, Flight-for-Life & Ambulance
Convenience Store Phones
  • Emergency Phones Code Compliant with "24 hr unattended pump" US State regulations