SmartView Controller  2100-SVC

SmartView Controller 2100-SVC

SmartView Two-Way Elevator Visual Communication System

The 2100-SVC SmartView Controller is the brains of the system that connects the software, display, buttons, and camera for a fully functional system.
The board is affixed to a mounting plate.
SmartView Controller 2100-SVC_ SeriesElectrical Testing Labs (ETL) Listed
Dimensions: 7-1/4" H x 4-3/4" W x 1-7/8" D
Style: Stainless Steel Box

Installation Requirements:
  • Internet Connection:
    • Routed internet connection using DHCP, OR
    • Cellular modem with data (available from RATH®)
  • Laptop with a network connection for testing

Part Numbers:
  • 2100-SVC: Press Yes or No Button
  • 2100-SVC-1: Press Door Open for Yes, Press Door Closed for No
  • 2100-SVCCE (for use with CE Elite Pi): Press Yes or No Button
  • 2100-SVCCE-1 (for use with CE Elite Pi): Press Door Open for Yes, Press Door Closed for No

Code Compliance:
  • Certified to CSA Standard B44.1, conforms to ASME Standard 17.5

Power Requirements:
  • 12v or 24v through 2100-SVE Extender
  • Requires power from the elevator or remotely in the machine or electrical room

Wiring Requirements:
  • Requires CAT5 or better Ethernet connection or connection to a 2-wire extender

Programming Features:
  • Board features a uniquely assigned ID address for easy software setup

Additional Features:
  • Compatible with the SmartView Software
  • Compatible with the SmartView Display
  • Connection for the SmartView Camera
  • Dry contacts for Yes/No inputs
  • Data Usage: 4.4 mb/minute in active state, 0 in idle state (pings every 24 hours)
  • Current Draw:
    • Active: 12v = 1A , 24v = 0.5A
    • Idle: 12v = 0.5A, 24v = 0.25A

  • Environmental: 32°F to 158°F (0° C to 70° C)
  • Mounting: Mounting Plate included
  • Warranty: 2 years


SmartView Controller  2100-SVC