SmartView Ethernet Extenders

2100-SVE SmartView Ethernet Extenders

  • Dimensions: 1" H x 3.7" W x 2.75" D
  • Operating Temperature: -49° F to 168° F (-45° C to 76° C)
  • Injector Power: 56V-65W power adapter with dc jack included (120vac power cord). Requires backed up 120v source or RATH® RP7700104S
  • Extender Power: Supplies 1A to the SmartView Controller
  • Included RJ45 adapters for Interlink Cabling
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) supplies power and communication to the SmartView Controller
  • Extender Wiring:
    • Extends up to 1,640 feet over single pair of wiring between extenders (requires single pair, 18-24ga, shielded or unshielded)
    • CAT5E with RJ45 connectors required from network switch and the SmartView Controller to each extender
    • Main Unit (Injector) has LAN In (internet connection) and LRP Out (two wire connection)
    • Remote Unit (Extender) has LRP In (two wire connection from main unit) and PoE Out (Ethernet connection to SmartView Controller)

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