SmartRescue & MachineRoomRescue
(1-10 Elevator Phones)

  • Both the RATH® SmartRescue & MachineRoomRescue units are ADA, ASME A17 & B44 Code compliant

  • There are two applications where these units are required:
    • If the elevator travel is 60 feet or more, code states a SmartRescue/Command Center must be installed
    • If the job specifies that communication is required between the lobby, machine room or a combination of the two back to the elevators

  • The SmartRescue is ideal for smaller installations, between 1-10 Elevator phones
    • Allows for Sub Master Stations, in the Machine Rooms, to communicate back to the Elevators
    • Requires a standard 2 pair copper run to each Elevator phone
    • Only requires a single telephone line for offsite communication
    • SmartRescue 1-10 System Riser Diagram

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SmartRescue (1-10 Elevator Phones)MachineRoomRescue (1-2 Elevators)