CI 2 Hour Fire-Rated (Single Pair)

CI 2 Hour Fire-Rated Cable Single Pair (UL2196)
  • 18 AWG-2 Conductor Shielded 2-Hour Fire Rated UL Listed FPL-LS, CM, CL3, PLTC, c(UL) CM, & CSA FAS 90, cable ANSI/UL 2196 Certified for use in System FHIT.40A, CAN/ULC-S139 with Hose Stream for use in System FHITC.40A, UL Fire Resistance Directory R27557

    Cable is designed to support Life and Fire Safety. This cable offers “survivability” for 2-hours in harsh environments while being fully operational to allow for safe evacuation of building occupants. It has achieved FPL-LS, CM, CL3 & PLTC rating and has been re-certified under the new UL 2196 guidelines for 2-hour fire resistive cables for use in system FHIT.40A and FHITC.40A. In addition, the cable is certified for use in Canada as a c(UL) CM listed cable and CEC Type FAS 90.

Part Numbers
  • RP66010001 - 500 feet Weight: 28 lbs
  • RP66010002 - 1,000 feet Weight: 58 lbs.

  • Construction
    • Conductors: 18 AWG Solid Copper specially engineered to minimize embrittlement due to fire exposure
    • Tape: Flame Retardant Tape
    • Insulation: Low Smoke, Zero Halogen Thermoset Fire-Roc™
    • Core Assembly: Color Coded Insulated Conductors of Red and Black
    • Jacket: Red, Low Smoke, Zero Halogen Polyolefin (Sequential Footage Marker Provided Every Two Feet)

    • NEC type FPL-LS, CM, CL3 & PLTC for use in Electrical Circuit Integrity System FHIT 40A
    • c(UL) listed CM
    • CEC type FAS 90 with Hose Stream Test
    • UL Certified to ANSI/UL 2196 2-Hour fire rating for use in FHIT system 40A. (See UL Fire Resistance Directory R27557)
    • CAN/ULC-S139 Certified with Hose Stream Test for use in FHITC system 40A.
    • UL 1424 Listed FPL-LS for Power-Limited Fire Alarm Cables; 300V / 105°C
    • UL 13 Listed CL3 & PLTC for Power-Limited Circuit Cables; 300V / 105°C
    • UL 444 Listed CM for Communication Cable; 300V / 105°C
    • Fire certified for power-limited system use at 72V phase-to-phase utilization voltage
    • Sunlight resistant
    • For use in wet locations

    Circuit Integrity Free Air (CI):
    • For use as CI cable when installed per the NEC and local code. For vertical installation lengths beyond 30 feet, cables are to be supported using a Stainless Steel wire mesh
    • Authorities Having Jurisdiction should be consulted before installation

    Hardware Certified:
    • 1/2-inch, 3/4-inch, 1-inch,1-1/4, 1-1/2-inch, and 2-inch EMT Conduit “E-Z Pull”– Allied Tube & Conduit Co. and Columbia-MBF
    • 1/2-inch, 3/4-inch, 1-inch,1-1/4, 1-1/2-inch, and 2-inch Steel Compression Couplings – RACO or Thomas & Betts Corp.
    • Wiegmann NEMA 1 Enclosure/Pull Box
    • Supports per the Comtran Cable’s installation instructions dated August, 2016
    • Amtec wire mesh support grips for vertical installation beyond 30 feet

    Pulling Lubricant: - Polywater Type LZ

    2-Hour Fire Rated Cabling Supports Critical Systems Such As:
    • Normal and/or standby power
    • Control signals
    • Elevator Communication System and Fireman's telephone
    • Lighting, Heating, AC, Ventilation, and Fire-detecting Systems

    • Refer to UL Electrical Circuit Integrity System FHIT.40A and FHITC.40A for installation requirements
    • Refer to R27557 Fire Resistive Cable (UL)
    • Brand Type cables for use in System No. FHIT.40A and FHITC.40A should be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation instructions dated August, 2016
    • Authorities having jurisdiction should be consulted before installation

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CI 2 Hour Fire-Rated (Single Pair)