IP Command Center

IP Command Center Base Station & Distribution Module
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System includes: Base Station & Distribution Module
  • Note: RP7700104 Power Supply with battery backup sold separately
  • Available in 3 mounting options (desk, surface or flush)
Surface Mount Cabinet
  • 10 Zone 2500-10RCV
  • 16 Zone 2500-16RCV
  • 32 Zone 2500-32RCV
  • 48 Zone 2500-48RCV
  • 64 Zone 2500-64XRCV
  • 80 Zone 2500-80XRCV
  • 96 Zone 2500-96XRCV
  • 112 Zone 2500-112XRCV
  • 128 Zone 2500-128XRCV

  • 2500-10RCV, 2500-16RCV:
    15.14"H x 12"W x 6.19"D
  • 32RCV, 48RCV, 64XRCV, 80XRCV, 96XRCV, 112XRCV & 128XRCV:
    21.03"H x 20.3"W x 5.19"D
Flush Mount Cabinet
  • 10 Zone 2500-10RCFV
  • 16 Zone 2500-16RCFV
  • 32 Zone 2500-32RCFV
  • 48 Zone 2500-48RCFV
  • 64 Zone 2500-64XRCFV
  • 80 Zone 2500-80XRCFV
  • 96 Zone 2500-96XRCFV
  • 112 Zone 2500-112XRCFV
  • 128 Zone 2500-128XRCFV

  • 2500-10RCFV, 2500-16RCFV:
    • Front Frame:
      16.06"H x 14"W x 3.07"D
    • Back Box:
      15.64"H x 12"W x 3"D
  • 32RCFV, 48RCFV, 64XRCFV, 80XRCFV, 96XRCFV, 112XRCFV & 128XRCFV:
    • Front Frame:
      21.13"H x 25"W x 3.06"D
    • Back Box:
      20.66"H x 23"W x 3"D
Desk Mount - No Cabinet
  • 10 Zone 2500-10NCV
  • 16 Zone 2500-16NCV
  • 32 Zone 2500-32NCV
  • 48 Zone 2500-48NCV
  • 64 Zone 2500-64XNCV
  • 80 Zone 2500-80XNCV
  • 96 Zone 2500-96XNCV
  • 112 Zone 2500-112XNCV
  • 128 Zone 2500-128XNCV
Distribution Module:
10-48 Zone System: 2.04" H x 17.28" W x 11.8" D
64-128 Zone System: 6.83" H x 17.18" W x 8.9" D

For larger installation projects, contact us

  • Base Station cabinets (flush and surface mount) are powder coated steel. They include a twist lock closure and will accept a Fireman's lock (not provided by RATH®)
  • Distribution Module requires 120vac power with backup supply or RATH® model RP7700104
  • System requires either an analog telephone line or a VoIP phone line when used with our 2100-VOIP2CS Interface Device
  • Can also be set up as a true Intercom System (no phone line required)
  • Base Station includes handset and speaker phone for communication to elevators
  • Works with our In Car Analog Phones with Remote IP Interface or In Car IP Phones
  • Can be configured with the main Base Station, multiple Sub-Master Stations (available in desk, surface or flush mount) and Machine Room Phones (2300-630RC)
  • Base Station and Sub-Master Stations are powered from the Distribution Module (IP based units are powered by PoE)
  • Base and Sub-Master Stations to Distribution Module: 10 Zone (single pair), 16-64 Zone (2 pair) and 80-128 Zone (3 pair), IP based units (connect to Network Switch)
  • In Car Analog Phones and 2300-630RC require a 2100-VOIP2CS Interface Device. The In Car IP Phones are a direct Ethernet connection
  • For 2010 Communication Failure use:
  • Maximum of 300' between 2100-VOIP2CS and In Car IP Phones to Network Switch
  • Audible alert sounds when phones place a call until Base Station joins conversation
  • LEDs indicate which phones have initiated a call
  • Calls waiting in queue receive a message stating an emergency call is progress. When the prior call clears, the next phone in the queue is connected.
  • Install the Base Station at a security station, front desk or other central location
  • Install the Distribution Module in the phone, computer or fire command room
  • Fully ADA, ASME A17 & B44 Elevator Code compliant
  • Use the RATH® Supervisory Software to monitor the individual Elevator Phones in this system
  • Options:

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