SmartView Command Center

SmartView Command Center

Designed to work with both SmartView and SmartView 2 Two-Way Elevator Visual Communication Systems

The SmartView SmartRescue Lobby & Machine Room Communication is ideal for larger installations between 1-116 phones.
The system includes the Base Station with (SmartView Display) & Distribution Module (Power Supply with battery backup sold separately).
The system and can be flush or surface mounted and is pre-configured with the SmartView Software.

SmartView Command Center Surface or Flush Mount Cabinet
Surface or Flush Mount Cabinet
Command Center Distribution Modules
Distribution Modules

Part Numbers & Dimensions:
  • Surface Mount Cabinet:
    • Zone: 12 (2500-12RCSV) 16 (-16RCSV) 28 (-28RCFSV) 36 (-36RCSV) 56 (-56XRCSV) 76 (-76XRCSV) 96 (-96XRCSV) 116 (-116XRCSV)
    • Dimensions: 21.03" H x 20.3" W x 5.19" D
  • Flush Mount Cabinet:
    • Zone: 12 (2500-12RCFSV) 16 (-16RCFSV) 28 (-28RCF) 36 (-36RCFSV) 56 (-56XRCFSV) 76 (-76XRCFSV) 96 (-96XRCFSV) 116 (-116XRCFSV)
    • Dimensions:
      • Front Frame: 21.13" H x 25" W x 3.06" D
      • Back Box: 20.66" H x 22.99" W x 3" D
  • Distribution Modules:
    • Dimensions:
      • 12-36 Zone System = 2.04" H x 17.28" W x 11.8" D
      • 56-116 Zone System = 6.83" H x 17.18" W x 8.9" D

  • Code Compliance:
    • ADA, ASME A17, and B44 code compliant

    Power Requirements:
    • Command Center, Sub-Master Stations, and Machine Room Phones are powered from the Distribution Module (except SmartPhones)

    Wiring Requirements:
    • Command Center, Sub-Master, and Machine Room Phone to Distribution Module requires a single pair
    • Machine Room Phone (2300-630RC) requires a single pair
    • SmartPhones to Distribution Module requires a single pair

    Phone Capabilities:
    • Calls wait in queue until previous call is disconnected and receive a message stating that an emergency call is in progress.
      When the prior call clears, the next phone in queue is connected
    • Includes handset and speaker phone for communication to phones
    • Works with 2100 series SmartPhones
    • LEDs indicate which phones have initiated a call
    • Rescue personnel can communicate with individual phones and outside party

    Distribution Module Features:
    • Included with Command Center
    • Surface mount
    • Install on a wall or table top
    • Requires 120vac power with battery backup or RATH® Power Supply with battery backup
    • Single dedicated phone line or as an Intercom System

    Additional Features:
    SmartView Display & Controller Features:
    • Display requires 9v@1.2A and includes 120v plug-in transformer
    • Mini PC requires 12v@1.5A and includes 120v plug-in transformer
    • Requires back-up power or RATH® RP7700107
    • Ethernet connection
    • HDMI connection for display

    • Mounting: Surface or flush mount
    • Warranty: 2 years

    SmartView 2

    SmartView Command Center