SmartView SmartRescue
(Visual Communication System)

SmartView SmartRescue
Flush Mount Model Numbers:
  • 2500-205FMSV (up to 5 Call Boxes)
  • 2500-210FMSV (up to 10 Call Boxes)
  • Dimensions:
    • Front Frame: 21.13"H x 25"W x 3.06"D
    • Back Box: 20.66"H x 22.99"W x 3"D

Surface Mount Model Numbers:
  • 2500-205BSV (up to 5 Call Boxes)
  • 2500-210BSV (up to 10 Call Boxes)
  • Dimensions: 21.03” H x 20.3” W x 5.19” D

  • Style:
    • Powder coated steel enclosure
    • Twist lock closure for use with Fireman’s lock (not provided)
    • Coil cord
    • Pre-configured to the SmartView Software

For larger installation projects, contact us
SmartView SmartRescue Features:
  • Run twisted and shielded 4 wire set from each SmartPhone to unit and one standard phone line to the outside world
  • Requires a single analog (POTS, PBX, or central office phone line) or digital phone line. If used on a VoIP or cellular network, you must purchase a RATH® 2100-VOIPLC or 2100-GSMLC4 Gateway Device
  • Easy to use push buttons
  • Passively monitor communications between elevators and the outside world via the LEDs
    • 1. Solid lit LED indicates there is an emergency call in progress
    • 2. Slow blinking LED indicates there is a call on hold Audible alert when elevator initiates a call to the unit
  • Includes relay contact that trips if any SmartPhone has been activated
  • The unit is able to:
    • 1. Call into all or individual elevators as needed
    • 2. Join existing conversations between cars and outside world
    • 3. Hang up and original conversation will continue
    • 4. Terminate outside world so it is only talking to the elevator or terminate the call with all parties entirely
  • Volume control handset meets ADA requirements
  • Designed for 120vac power
  • Built-in battery backup recharges from 120vac power (allows for a minimum of 4 hours talk time upon loss of power)
  • Telephone Line Voltage: 24v-48v
  • ADA, ASME A17, and B44 code compliant
  • If multiple lobby and machine room units are required, contact RATH®

SmartView Display & Controller Features:
  • Power Connections: 120v
  • Ethernet connection
  • HDMI connection for display

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