In Car IP Elevator Phones

The RATH® VoIP Elevator Solution includes any of our standard 2100 Series IP SmartPhones. This will allow you to access your customers SIP phone system utilizing a standard, fully code compliant phone with a simple, hassle free installation.
In Car IP Elevator Phones diagram
In Car IP Elevator Phones animation
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Required system components and wiring
Duration: 1:04 min
Key Features:
  • Ideal for single or multiple phone installs in a new construction project or modernization project
  • The In Car IP Phone requires either PoE at 802.3af from a backed up network or a 12vdc battery backed up power source
  • Phone programs like a standard SmartPhone but the VoIP communication requires a laptop for programming
  • Requires Cat5e or better cable (maximum 300' run to network switch)
  • Meets Communication Failure Code Requirements
  • Connects to Ethernet cable with a standard RJ45 jack
  • Use the RATH® Supervisory Software to monitor the Elevator Phones

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