Cellular Elevator

Save up to $600/year with Cellular Communication
RATH® Cellular Gateways work with any SmartPhone VI elevator phone

  • Access emergency services utilizing a standard, fully code compliant phone with a simple, hassle free installation
  • Save up to $600/year
  • Order as a complete system or retrofit an existing RATH® SmartPhone in the field
  • Optional 2 year pre-paid SIM card available from RATH® (AT&T only)
2100-LTEGSM4 Code Compliant Cellular Gateway
Cellular Gateway
(Fully Code Compliant)
2100-LTEVER4 2010 Code Compliant Cellular Voice and Data 4G LTE Gateway
Cellular Gateway
(Fully Code Compliant)

Typical Layout:
Cellular Gateway Typical Layout

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